First Release of the New Modal File Manager

First Release of the New Modal File Manager

I’ve just released the first version of the new Modal File Manager for the macOS. It is built using Wails 2 and Svelte. It is a complete universal application that should work on Intel and M1 Macs. I’ve been developing and using it on my M1 MacBook Pro for several weeks now. I use it as my main file manager everyday.

If you have a problem, please leave an issue so that I can track it down and fix it. I haven’t built it on a Linux or Windows system. Therefore, I’m not sure how well it will do there.

You can read the annoucement here and download the program here.

Currently, the only documentation is the GitHub file. You can read it here. I’ll be working on better documentation soon.

I’m working on another post describing the move from NW.js application to a Wails 2 application. It will be coming soon.

Amendment: If anyone downloaded the last version (1.0.0 - 1.0.1), please download the latest (1.0.2). This release fixes the case of running the program on a system that had never ran the program or the NW.js version of the program before.